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????Will take over, manage and grow a young production facility and service center for analytical instrumentation. This will involve both importation of parts and local sourcing with the goal of making products for Asia in China.

????Accountabilities & responsibilities

????Specific accountabilities include:

????1. Hiring and managing a production and service team.

????2. Setting up local supply lines ?C Determining best choice between, make/buy/import from US.

????3. Implementing a quality control system that guarantees performance at or better than US based production facility.

????4. Constant evaluation of products built vs products imported.

????5. Oversee product service and repair, including at customer sites.

????Education, experience & proficiencies

????1. Bachelor??s degree in a technical discipline such as Electronics, Mechanical Systems, Physics, or Engineering is required

????2. Minimum of 3 years operations leadership experience.

????3. Exceptional organizational skills: planning; dealing with challenges, then following up to ensure that expected results have been achieved or taking action to get things on track; measuring progress and taking calculated risks required.

????4. 2+ years of current experience building or servicing technical products used in the following applications is preferred, but not required:

????a) Laboratory/gas analysis ?C mass spec, atomic layer deposition

????b) Process control systems utilizing pressure or flow.

????c) Material Science/Vacuum coating ?C physical vapor deposition

????d) Environmental monitoring/gas mixing ?C government regulated environmental monitoring

????e) Manufacturing process/leak test

????Management style & personality characteristics

????1. You are committed to collaborative leadership. You lead via insight and value, not by title. The management team should be greater than the sum total of the individual members. Your leadership should inspire and energize the people around you, at all levels, to perform consistently at their highest level. Your role as a leader is to challenge your peers and direct reports to grow and develop.

????2. You??re willing to take risks and think differently. You don??t believe there is only one method or solution to any challenge and are able to rapidly experiment to determine new solutions.

????3. In order to enable exceptional quality and delivery, it is important that you have strong organizational and analytical skills plus a systematic approach to business processes.

????4. Ability to identify and attract top talent: not afraid to hire people better than you.


????Alicat Scientific designs and manufactures cutting edge, high speed, flow and pressure devices. These are used in process control, labs, research, environment, leak test, vacuum, fiber, automobile, solar and other industrial applications, for high-precision measurement and control of gases and liquids.

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